Family Mediation Service London



  • Fees for privately paying clients are charged separately per person and are payable on the day of each session.
  • The preferred method of payment is bank transfer and our bank details will be emailed to you when we confirm the appointment.
  • Fees are usually shared equally but can be shared between you in any way you agree.
  • There is no VAT payable.

Cost of sessions

  • The initial one-to-one meeting with the mediator is charged at £100 per person.
  • The joint mediation sessions are charged at £120 per person per hour.  Sessions are usually around 90 minutes long therefore a normal session costs £180 per person (this includes the cost of a summary letter detailing the discussions that took place in the session).

Cost of documentation

Unless otherwise discussed and agreed with you prior to work being undertaken there is a set charge of £90 per hour per person for the drafting of the following formal outcome documents:

  • Open Summary of Finances
  • Confidential Summary of Proposals/ Memorandum of Understanding 
  • Parenting Plan